Saturday, April 16, 2011


A lot has happened since our last post. But, due to internet connection problems at the hospital, we haven't been able to update you until now.

On Thursday night, Lumin began throwing up in the middle of the night. A lot of the milk got stuck in her mouth and nose. The nurse suctioned her, and she began to scream inconsolably. She then slept for almost eight hours without feeding. She vomited a total of four times in the first half of Friday.

The doctors were concerned about what could be happening, so they ordered more blood work and X-rays. There was a chance that she had Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), which would have been very serious. Fortunately, the tests disproved that hypothesis. We were relieved, because it was such a scary possibility. We think it may have been a stomach bug.

Because of this episode, Lumin had to go back on IV fluids. She was crying a lot through Friday night, but eventually her pain seemed to subside and she slept.

Saturday morning she resumed breastfeeding. Because of the setback, we'll probably have to stay in the inpatient room a couple more days before they let us "room in". So, things are once again looking good for us going home soon, but it won't be as soon as we first hoped. Due to that fact, we added a couple more dates to our meal train for next week, in case you wanted to sign up but haven't yet. If you want to help in a different way, look back to one of our earlier posts here and here.

-Ben and Monica

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