Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hash Marks On The Wall

Since we moved back to the pod inside of the NICU from our rooming in room, things have been going well on the whole. Lumin continues to breastfeed and needs no support beyond a little oxygen and two anti-seizure medications. Tomorrow she will have another EEG. If it looks good, we will begin to wean one of the meds. We picked out her pediatrician last week, and she stopped in to meet the baby today.

She hasn't had any more apnea episodes. There was a point where her respiration rate was showing up as only seven breaths per minute, but that was because the monitor is built for adults, so it wasn't reading her very shallow breaths. She was, in fact, breathing. It was shallow, but we're told that's fine for babies to do. Now Ben believes it was more his fear than actual danger that made the episode on Sunday night appear so scary.

We are slated for discharge this weekend. Hopefully all will go as planned this time. We are just putting hash marks on the wall until then...

-Ben and Monica


  1. Thank you so much for continuing to share this journey. Enormous blasts of love and light to get you all through the last leg of this hospital stay. Baby Lumin and her parents are the epitome of strength and grace. We are envisioning a smooth and easy discharge, a smooth and easy transition to home life.

  2. Thanks for keeping us all updated. My prayers for a speedy recovery and a joyful trip home.