Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holding Lumin

Today was a wonderful day.  This morning the doctor suggested that we massage Lumin's body to help her mobilize the excess fluids in her tissues.  After several minutes of massage she became more active than we've ever seen her--kicking, stretching, and showing much better muscle tone.  She even managed to open her eyes (mostly just the right one) and give us a good stare. 

We spent most of the afternoon holding her and that did us all so much good.

She is handling her increased feedings well.  If she continues to do this tomorrow she can get her IV out.  She is off her antibiotics and she may be able to get off the CPAP (snorkel) tomorrow and give the high flow oxygen another try.

Monica & Ben


  1. Thinking of you often. So glad you got to hold precious Lumin- Our hearts & many prayers are with you all.

    Nancy & Bill W.

  2. What wonderful news! Keep up the good work, Lumin! Continued love, prayers and positive energy headed your way...

  3. so happy for you all...go Lumin!