Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home At Last

We were discharged from the hospital today! After 22 days in the NICU, we came home to our cozy house and loving cats. Lumin slept through the ride home, and woke up just in time to experience a little bit of the outdoors as we brought her in from the car.

We're all exhausted. She remains on supplemental oxygen, two anticonvulsant meds, and two antibiotics. We have follow up appointments with at least five different doctors in the coming weeks and months. It will be vital to watch Lumin's development as she grows, because she remains at high risk for developmental delay, cerebral palsy, apnea, low verbal IQ and more. For now, though, we're home. We can finally rest.

Thank you all for your ongoing prayers, meals, donations, support, and cards. Once again, we feel blessed that the community has been there for us. Stay tuned to this blog for development updates, photos, and more. We're also planning a big fundraiser for Lumin's medical bills and her future. It will be on the evening of May 14 at the Manitou Springs School District Auditorium and will feature the best of local bands. More information is forthcoming.

-Ben and Monica


  1. (Sorry if multiple comments show up, but I think my last one got lost somehow.) I'm just so so happy for you guys. What a relief. Lumin is right where she belongs, at home with mom and dad and the kitties. Looking forward to the fundraiser! Let me know if we can help with that!

  2. I am so glad you are home and now I can hear little Lumin noises in the background when we talk on the phone! We have all been too deprived of little Lumin noises!

    So much love for you all, happy homecoming.

  3. Just checked in here this morning to catch up on the last few days in little Lumin's life, and what big and blessed days they are. I'm happy for you all, and sending you all love. Welcome home!!!! She's so beautiful!