Monday, April 25, 2011

Life at Home

Things are going pretty well at home so far. Lumin has been alternating between relaxed, chatty, and very upset. She's not a huge fan of sleeping in the crib, which has been tiring, but we have some new ideas to try tonight. She also got some bad congestion in her nose, then sneezed about eight times last night. The boogers exploded from her nostrils. We think she felt better afterward. The cats seem to like her; they gave her some loving rubs with their faces.

Today, she had her first visit with the pediatrician. She was very helpful and optimistic. She gave us some ideas about the crib problem, and suggested we get our home health company to add a humidifier to the oxygen set up. We'll see her again in a week for a weight check.

Below you'll find links to a number of sites about kids who went through experiences:

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  1. Ben & Monica...I'm sure you've received tons of "newborn" advice, but we absolutely wore out a dishwasher when Taylor (now 19 :) came home from the hospital...the sound of the motor really soothed him. Steve would also go in ahead of time and use his hand to warm up the crib sheet. We are so happy you are all home and we look forward to the concert on the 14th.

    All our best...
    Steve, Marsha, Taylor, Sarah and Nick Weimer