Sunday, April 17, 2011

Looking Up Again

Things are looking up again. Lumin's stomach problems have subsided, and she's been awake and smiley much of the time. She's back to breastfeeding, and getting good feeds. They also had us try bottle feeding her, just to make sure she could. That has gone well, too.

Today's bad news: they made her sit in her car seat for 90 minutes to make sure she could breathe. Also known as baby torture.

Today's good news: she passed her hearing test with flying colors. She's detached from everything but a little bit of oxygen. She's down to two medications, which should be going down to one very soon.


  1. She looks like she's ready for a car trip HOME! Keep the good news coming. She's such a beautiful girl! Can't wait to see her in person:)

  2. Car seat for 90 minutes?! I guess Sylvan is not the only one to be tortured by that very car seat. The legacy continues!

  3. beautiful smiley baby!!!!!!!!