Friday, April 22, 2011

One More Day (?)

There isn't much to report about Lumin from yesterday. The swelling on her head remains, though it seems to be about the same size or maybe a little bit smaller. Her feedings are going well and she's taking her meds. The oxygen team came by and instructed us on using the oxygen tank at home. She has been very chatty lately, and has had many long conversations with dad about current events. She's very opinionated about the U.S. intervention in Libya.

Hopefully, Ktoday will be a day to tie up loose ends around the hospital as we prepare to go home tomorrow. Knock on wood...


  1. Currently knocking on wood, jumping for joy, doing backflips and dancing around like a maniac.... this is soooooo good to hear!!! Yay Lumin!!! Yay Ben and Monica!!! Hugs from the Fontanas....

  2. I read your loving blog every day. Count me in for babysitting!!!!!