Monday, April 18, 2011

Or not...

Unfortunately, yesterday's plan did not play out as expected. We did go to rooming in last night, but we didn't get to stay there.

Lumin may have had an episode of sleep apnea. She was resting very peacefully. So peacefully that we thought her chest might not be moving at all. Ben thought he saw a blueish-purple color in her forehead. We roused her, then called the nurse. She came and checked on Lumin, but she looked fine. Nevertheless, the nurse practitioner made the decision to move us back into the main NICU so they could monitor her for the remainder of this night.

This morning the doctor came by and talked with us about what happened. They want to watch her and make sure there are no further apnea episodes. The bottom line is that we have to stay through the end of this week now. We might get out on Sunday, if there are no other changes. Again.

We are pretty disappointed. We were really looking forward to going home, and having some quiet. This means five more days and nights of alarms and sleeping in chairs. The end is in sight, but we're still feeling down about what happened.


  1. You both must be exhausted, I am sorry you are in for more time in the less than comfortable hospital situation. But like you said, the end is in sight. Sending many more prayers your way.

  2. Monica & Ben~

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope this week goes by fast without further incidence. Sage and I can come keep you company tomorrow a.m....xoxo