Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taking out the tubes...slowly but surely

Lumin is getting out the last line running into her umbilical stump in about half an hour! We should be able to hold her quite a bit after that. We're glad to see it go since we've been informed that interior lines like this one run a higher risk of infection after the first week.

Although she remains on an IV for fluids and nutrition, we have hope that she will be off that in the next day or two as her stomach is able to digest more food. Her intestines, kidney, and liver seem to be functioning well.

In respiratory news, she wasn't handling being off the 840 ventilator very well on her own, so they put her on the CPAP machine. It kind of looks like a rhinoceros mixed with a football helmet.

Lumin has not had any seizures in a couple of days now, but remains on three anticonvulsant meds until at least Monday. She will also be stopping her antibiotics soon.

Thank you to everyone for your huge outpouring of support and prayers. We feel very blessed and are grateful to you all.

-Ben and Monica

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