Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hi all!

We are so excited to be settling into a slower-paced life now.  Ben has finished school for the year and we look forward to a summer full of gardening, camping, making music, and enjoying being a family.

Lumin is still doing very well.  Her 2 month doctors appointment is in a few days.  We're guessing that she weighs something around 11 pounds now!  She continues to wow and charm us.  She's very active and regularly returns smiles. 

Now that there is (thankfully!) less to report, we will probably only be updating occasionally.  Here are a few recent pictures for y'all.

Lots of love,

Monica, Ben & Lumin

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The concert was a great success and so much fun.  Thank you to everyone who came out.  Lumin wanted us to post this video of her expressing her thanks from the changing table.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

free of tubes!

Lumin got the ok to go off of her supplemental oxygen on Thursday!  She seems much more comfortable and it is so nice to be able to move around freely.  Plus it's easier to kiss her big nursing cheeks without the tubes in the way :)

We are very excited for the concert tonight--perhaps we will see you there.  More pictures soon!

Monica, Ben & Lumin

Friday, May 6, 2011

5 weeks

We haven't written in a while!  Turns out life with a little one is both busy and slow at the same time.  Little Lu turned 5 weeks old today.  She is doing great aside from some gas and fussiness.  At her doctor appointment on Monday she had gained 7 oz. in a week!  She also got the ok to lower her oxygen supplementation.  That means she could be off it entirely pretty soon.
We are enjoying a visit from Lumin's Aunt Stephie and Cousin Sylvan.  Her Aunt Jo (would she be her great aunt?  well...we think she's great.) was here earlier in the week.  Below are some recent pictures.  She just keeps getting cuter.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Month Old

Lumin is officially one month old today!

Yesterday, we celebrated by giving her a bath, dressing her in a fine outfit, strapping her to Ben's chest, and taking her for a jaunt around town. But she slept the whole time and missed it. Oh well. Later, we took her to Grandma's house, and she was awake for that, so all was not lost.

Lumin had an oxygen trial last night. The home health care company brought us a pulse oximeter, a machine that measures the oxygen in her blood. We hooked her up to it, turned her supplemental oxygen down (to 1/16th of a liter per minute), and the oximeter recorded the results. We wish we could tell you more about what those results were, but we were asleep most of the time, and the pediatrician hasn't read them yet so we don't really know. If all went well, she'll be on her way to a lower supplemental oxygen level soon. Then it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to being off the nose prongs for good. Her antibiotic course also ended yesterday. Now she's down to two anticonvulsants and the oxygen. This means only four medicine doses per day, instead of seven. Yay!

We've let her know that she's already a local celebrity. She is very chatty and sociable (when she feels like it), so we're sure she'll be very excited when she's finally old enough to meet everyone.