Monday, August 1, 2011

Lumin practicing sitting on her 4 month b-day

This past Saturday we attended Memorial Hospital's NICU reunion.  Memories came flooding back.  It was held in the same park we walked laps around while Lumin was in the hospital.  It was amazing and humbling to see the big healthy kids who once were NICU babies and the tiny ones who still need so much support.  We got to see our favorite doctors and nurses and they were so impressed with Lumin's size and personality.  What a journey we've all made in these four months!

Lumin seems to be more active and noisy by the day and has earned herself the title "wiggly wombat".  So far she has only rolled over in her sleep, but she loves sitting and standing with help.  Last month she began the slow work of teething.  No teeth yet, but lots of chomping and lots (and lots) of drooling.  Lumin's also been growing like crazy--15.5 pounds when last weighed!!!!  She is keeping us laughing and building our biceps :)

Monica, Ben & Lu